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General information :

“Smart Derm” is an official exclusive distributor of hyaluronic acid fillers - ProDerm. Proderm – dermal fillers with world-class MDMTM Technology.

After applying the anesthetic cream to the treated areas, the filler is injected under the skin. We usually call this filling process a "little touch". The person returns to his daily life immediately. The slight fullness observed after application is caused by the gel structure. But this is a temporary condition that disappears within a few weeks. It is necessary to wait 3-4 months to ensure the formation of a sufficient amount of collagen in the body and see the actual effect of treatment. At the end of this period, the desired effect is observed in the skin tissue and a significant improvement in the quality of the skin and its appearance is achieved. ProDerm fillers fill and at the same time treat the skin.

How is the Smart filler ProDerm Applied?

What are the areas of ProDerm's application?

The application of smart filler is mainly intended for the face, lips, around and under the eyes. In addition to these areas, it can be applied to any area that needs volume replacement and tightening.

The effect of the smart filler lasts from one and a half to two years. The durability of its effect is prolonged after repeated injections.