Proderm Ultra 2


Natural correction of the volume and contour of the lips”preview” of new lips, corredtion of fine wrinkles and “puppet wrinkles”, correction of lowered corners of the lips, reinforcement,contouring hands, deep wrinkles.

Recommended area

Sensitive areas, nasolacrimal furrow (“tired look”), brow creases, lips, cheekbones.

Injection depth

Superficial and middle layers of the dermis.

Duration of the effect

Delayed degradation,period from 10-12 months (depending on the zone).

Recommended techniques

Microbolus, Linear-retrograde
Volume: 1.1ml x 1 syringe
Needle: 2x25G
Cannula: 21G/50mm
Concentration: 20mg/ml GC
Lidocaine: 0.3%