Proderm Ultra 3


Lip volume increase , correction of medium pronounced nasolabial folds, natural correction of the zygomatic zone , moderate tissue volume deficit , volume replenishment earlobes , replacement of lost volumes in the chin and temporal areas of the face , non surgical rhinoplasty.

Recommended area

Lips, cheekbones , nasolabial folds .

Injection depth

The middle layers of the dermis , fine and medium wrinkles.

Duration of the effect

Delayed degradation , duration 12-16 months.

Recommended techniques

Bolus, Linear-retrograde
Volume: 1.1ml x 1 syringe
Needle: 2x27G(13 mm)
Cannula: 23G/50mm
Concentration: 20mg/ml GC
Lidocaine: 0.3%