Proderm Ultra 4


Restoration of tissue volume deficit, filling of deep wrinkles and dystrophic changes, volumization of cheekbones, cheeks and lips, contouring and filling of chin wrinkles, formation of lower jaw angles, facial oval modeling, rhinoplasty.

Recommended area

Nasolabial furrow, nasolabial fold , chin , lips, corners of the lower jaw, temporal zone , lips , cheekbones.

Injection depth

Deep layers of the dermis .

Duration of the effect

Delayed degradation , duration 18-24 months.

Recommended techniques

Bolus, Linear-Retrograde
Volume: 1.1ml x 1 syringe
Needle: 2x25G(13 mm)
Cannula: 21G/50mm
Concentration: 20mg/ml GC
Lidocaine: 0.3%